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Growth in Groups: the creative potential of polyphony









3rd Group Analytic Society International Summer School in Group Analysis

13th - 17th July 2016Athens, Greece

Growth in Groups:

The creative potential of polyphony

As President of GASi, I have been involved from the beginning in the conception and life of the GASi Summer School. It is a great pleasure to be able to invite you to attend the third of our school​s​.

We organi​s​ed an international meeting place, mainly but not only for our younger group analysts in which open communication and respect mix with curiosity.

During 4 days participants from different countries, schools and backgrounds will be encouraged to participate in this spirit. I urge you to consider joining us, in Athens, in July.

Robi Friedman
GASi President

Dear friends,

It is a great pleasure and honour to announce the 3rd GASI Summer School which will be held in Athens and will be co-organized by the Group Analytic Society International (GASI) and the Institute of Group Analysis Athens (I.G.A.A.).

As president of I.G.A.A. I would like to welcome all greek and foreign colleagues who will participate in this significant Group-Analytic scientific event, and to encourage all of you to confirm through your active and various participation the polyphony and pluralism of the groups.

So, on behalf of I.G.A.A., I warmly invite you to join us and I look forward to welcoming you in our premises.

Ioannis K. Tsegos, MD
President of IGAA

Dear trainees and colleagues,
On behalf of the organizing committee we would like to invite you to participate in the 3rd Summer School of GASI, next July in Athens.

We hope that we will continue the successful tradition of the two previous "Summer Schools", and that we will create an interesting and joyful meeting. We also hope that this Summer School through polyphony will provide to all participants, both trainers and trainees, an opportunity for growth and a stimulus for continuing personal and professional development.

We look forward to welcoming you all in Athens.

Dr. Michalis Athitakis, Ph.D.
Psychiatrist-Group Analyst
Chairperson of the Organizing Committee
Regine Scholz, Ph.D
Group Analyst
Co-Chairperson of the Organizing Committee

Summer School
at the 40th Foulkes Lecture Study Day, 14/5/16

About event

This is the third summer school intended both for those who are new to group analysis and for those who want to extend their awareness of the possibilities of the group analytic encounter.

In this year’s school we explore how the individual’s voice emerges out of the play of many voices - how we learn to hear ourselves, amongst all the different contributions arising in groups that are devoted to a process of development and exchange.

Over four days, students from many countries will work together with an international staff team, in small groups, lecture groups, supervision and large groups, to develop the school theme.

Summer Schools

The earlier schools, in Belgrade and in Prague, proved to be very satisfying and rewarding experiences for those who were involved. We expect the school to grow this time and we look forward to welcoming new participants who will join those who ​may ​be returning for further explorations.

Belgrade 2013: "Learning across borders."
Prague 2014: "Who's Afraid of Groups?"







GAS International Summer School Athens 2016

Meet our Staff Team Members

Dr Michalis Athitakis, PhD

Dr Michalis Athitakis, PhD


psychiatrist, Group Analyst, family therapist, staff member of the Open Psychotherapy Centre, former supervisor of training in GA of IGAA. Former president of the National Organization for Psychotherapy of Greece and national delegate in the European Association for Psychotherapy. He is also in private practice.

Tiziana Baisini

Tiziana Baisini

Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalytic and Group Analytic Psychotherapist. She has been working as a mental health professional for 15 years both in the health public sector and in private practice. Has published and presented papers on group psychotherapy, family dynamics, institutional analysis, and electronic devices in the therapeutic setting. Works in London in private practice and in NHS. Trainer and supervisor at the COIRAG Institute of Psychotherapy of Padua (Italy). Moderator of the GASI forum.

Dr Francesca Giuseppina Bascialla

Dr Francesca Giuseppina Bascialla

psychiatrist, Group Analyst and member of the Greek Psychiatric Association, IGAA and GASI. Works as research fellow in the 1st Psychiatric Clinic of the Aristotle niversity of Thessaloniki as well as in private practice. She is a scientific collaborator of the Open Psychotherapy Centre and IGAA in the department of Northern Greece (Thessaloniki).

Nicholas Cassimatis

Nicholas Cassimatis

studied Philosophy at Manchester University. In 5th year of training at IGAA. Worked with patients in individual therapy, and co-conducted groups in the Open Psychotherapy Centre of Athens (OPC). Co- conductor and conductor in several groups at the Daily Therapeutic Community of the Open Psychotherapy Center. In 2014 he began a BSc in Psychology. He took part as a student in the 1st Summer School of GA in Belgrade.

Joan Coll, MD

Joan Coll, MD

Medical Doctor, Family Practice (Palma). Masters in GA Psychotherapy (Barcelona). Certified Group Therapist (New York). Member of the Spanish IGA. Works as a psychotherapist in private practice.

Amalia Deli, MSc

Amalia Deli, MSc

Psychotherapist, Group Analyst. MSc in applied social psychology, where she worked on dynamics of minority groups and refugees. Qualified in GA in 2007 and she completed post-graduate training in the Institute of Diagnostic Psychology in Athens. Since 2007 she has been an IGAA staff member in various therapeutic and training activities. She works in private practice, in Athens and Cyprus.

Yael Doron, MA

Yael Doron, MA

psychologist and Group Analyst, on the Doctoral Program, Haifa University. Staff member at the Israeli Institute of GA, university lecturer, teaches at the School of Psychotherapy in Rambam Hospital, Haifa, and the Central School for Social Workers in Tel-Aviv. Private practice. Member of GASI and IIGA (Israeli Institute of GA). Co-editor of "GA in the land of Milk and Honey", to be published in English this year in Karnac.

George Gioukakis, BA & MSc

George Gioukakis, BA & MSc

Health psychologist, Group Analyst, member of IGAA. Private practice as GA and individual psychotherapist. Associate member at the OPC, practicing group therapy and research. In 2015 he was a staff member in the 2nd GASI Summer School in Prague. Keen interest in research currently preparing publication of research into the therapeutic alliance in the preparatory phase of a group analytic therapy scheme.

David Glyn

David Glyn

1973 Graduated in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University, worked for 20 years as independent film-maker before training as a Group Analytic Psychotherapist. Has worked for twenty-five years, as a trainer, supervisor and conducting groups. Past Chair of the British Association of Group Psychotherapists. Much of his current work is with university students and he has a particular interest in conducting bereavement groups for young people.

Angelika Gölz

Angelika Gölz

Training Group Analyst IGA (London). Therapeutic work began whilst studying ‘Social Education’ in Berlin in early 70’s, initially as counsellor to parents at Family Therapy Centre. Qualified biodynamic body psychotherapist. Interest in relational aspects of therapeutic work led to a more psychoanalytic approach. Work has included consultation to teams in crisis, supervision to mental health teams and to individuals. For 12 years worked with outpatient groups in the NHS. Teaches on clinical psychology doctorate program in Plymouth University.

Bessy Karagianni

Bessy Karagianni

graduated as clinical psychologist from University of Nancy. Trained in GA (I.G.A. Athens) and in Psychological Assessment (Institute of Diagnostic Psychology, O.P.C.), conducts individual sessions and groups in the IGAA, as well as in her private practice. Co-conductor of the Daily Therapeutic Community of the OPC, for one year. Staff member in the 1st GASI Summer School in Belgrade. Member of the Board of the Association of Greek Psychologists since 2007.

Dr Dimitris Livas

Dr Dimitris Livas

psychiatrist, Group Analyst with a degree in homeopathic medicine. Member of IGAA, GASI and first president of the National Organization for Psychotherapy of Greece. He has served as conductor of the Daily Therapeutic Community of the Open Psychotherapy Center, for two years as well as in other therapeutic and training activities since 1997. He is delegate of the I.G.A.A for E.G.AT.I.N. since 2015. He also works in his private practice.

Regine Scholz, PhD

Regine Scholz, PhD


Since 1987 she works in private practice as Group Analyst and psychotherapist, specialised in trauma treatment. Sits on the Mgmt Cttee of GASI and the Scientific Cttee of the German Soc for GA and Group Psychotherapy (D3G). A supervisor and training analyst at D3G and member of Training staff of the Munster Institute of Therapeutic and Applied GA, former editor of "Arbeitshefte Gruppenanalyse" (Psychosozial) and member of the editorial board of the journal GA.

Denisa Schückovà, MA

Denisa Schückovà, MA

Clinical psychologist, graduated from Charles University in 2008. Works at Prague private psychotherapy clinic where she conducts groups and provides individual psychotherapy and psychological diagnostics. Conducts a group based on the principles of psychoanalytical psychotherapy in her private practice in Prague. She is a member of the Czech Society for Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy in the Group and Individual Sections. She is the mother of two teenage boys.


Different lectures and group activities

ADD TO YOUR CALENDAR 2016-07-13 09:00:00 2016-07-17 21:00:00 Europe/Athens 3rd Group Analytic Society Summer School in Group Analysis Growth in Groups: the creative potential of polyphony Charalampi Sotiriou 1 Athens 114 72 Greece THE GROUP ANALYTIC SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL & INSTITUTE of GROUP ANALYSIS ΑTHENS

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